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What’s Been Going On…

Hello all,

As most people on my Facebook will know, my life is finally going through a positive streak after months and months of agony. I have recently secured a new job that actually pays well – enough for me to stand on my own 2 feet! I am currently awaiting the contract to come through the post and then after that I will be employed full time by a globally recognised company (not going to be doing any name dropping by the way). This, of course, means that I will be going through a period of adjustment and sorting my life out at last. I will do my best to write, read, blog post and #walkcast as and when I can. I thank you all those people who have shown their support and who have made me feel truly blessed by their kind words 🙂

Speak to you all soon!



#Walkcast #3 – Music, Alcohol, Social Acceptance and Stereotyping

Check out #Walkcast #3 for your enjoyment!

Andy Wood – Walking Vlog #1

Here it is people. Hope someone enjoys it! Special shout-out to Lisa and Buddy for this!

Walking Vlog – A New Opportunity

Hello everyone,

A couple of days ago I watched Lisa Stull’s walking Vlog on her YouTube channel and found it not only amusing (in a good way), but I found it very inspirational. I also watched Buddy Gott’s walking Vlog on his YouTube channel and not only has that man got a good set of teeth on him and a head of hair that you just want to pet all day long (I’m sure he’ll appreciate the compliments), but it allowed me to find out more about him as regards to who he is as a person, his literary endeavours and what he does.

Already I have planned out things to talk about in my first Vlog and I am hoping to get it recorded very very soon (aka in the next day or two dependent on the weather). As people will hopefully know I have recently created a new Facebook account strictly for writing. The reasons for this will be touched on in my Vlog 🙂

I hope and pray that I will not be too boring and that I don’t have to do too many takes. Currently the weather is good so I might be doing some recording today!

Stay tuned!