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‘Discontent is the first step in progress. No one knows what is in him till he tries, and many would never try if they were not forced to.’

– Basil W. Maturin

Many aspects of my own psyche are never known to me until I put pen to paper and scratch out a song, a poem, a short story idea, or just random paragraphs of words.

So here I am, a young aspiring novelist, sitting in my comfy office chair in my little room at home and banging on the keys to think of how to describe myself. Well here goes nothing: I was born back in 1986 in a Birmingham hospital and lived in the same house for many years with my family – mother, father and brother… and the pets if you count them!

What kicked my mind into creative writing was the start of me asking myself ‘What if…’ ‘What if this was that?’ ‘What if he was this?’ ‘What if this happened like that?’ It was all a sudden change of thinking at the tender age of 9. I started experimenting over the years with children’s stories, radio show scripts, romance pieces, poetry, song writing, etc.

Due to my demanding education I never really had THAT much of a chance to do a lot of writing… plus at that age it was only really a hobby, but I knew from that young age that it is what I wanted more than anything! After my compulsory education finished I had found a newfound interest in journalism.

With that wrong path underway, I set about doing what I could to reach it. I abstained from university due to the lack of desire for the dreaded ‘STUDENT DEBTS’ *inserts doom-style music*. Up until 2009 I had been studying to be a journalist and was working at the Birmingham Post newspaper on the business desk alongside some real top-notch pro journalists – good times!

My passion was diminished by various events, people, and realisations and I then put my creative pen to paper and rekindled the magic. I gathered lots of ideas and found that one stuck out and developed into the form of my first book.

So anyway… a little more about moi as a person – I am a strong willed person with, what some would say, a stubborn mind. I enjoy a good film; my favourite being ‘The Last Samurai’ with Tom Cruise in it – epic film! I have quite an interest in Japanese history, especially the Azuchi-Momoyama period.

I love my heavy metal music, but I do dabble into other genres. I also enjoy computer games (I know it’s a geeky and sad thing to admit in the world of writing where I should be reading a lot but ideas come in many forms and styles). My favourite sitcom of all time is ‘Frasier’ and I can watch it over and over again and still crack up! I try to watch and fiddle about with a lot of games and programmes/films as I have drawn many ideas for pieces from them.

Basically that is everything I have to say about myself… all that I can say that is socially acceptable haha!


P.S. A small bit of information about my expressed views and opinions via the internet – they represent my thoughts and mine alone and do not in any way reflect those of others.

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