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Now that I have finished my novel, I am in need of editing the monster! That was completed in January and I have done very little in the way of edits.

I’m finding that there are distractions left, right and centre. For some reason I can’t resist things, such as the odd bit of gaming, drinking, and the rest. Too many personal issues as well.

I need motivation. Any suggestions?


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  1. I really struggle with editing too; it’s the worst part of writing! I have just written a post which may help with motivation more generally, but my advice would be to split it into chunks. Sometimes I’ll do four or five separate sessions through the day, of about 45 minutes each time, or I’ll have a target to finish a certain number of pages in a day.
    Just remember that it’s easier to keep the flow of the story in mind (and therefore easier to edit) if you do some every day.

    • Hey EJ,

      Some good ideas on how to tackle editing! I’ll take these into account 🙂 Thank you! xxx

  2. Honey, you’ve done the hardest part, which is WRITE the book, congratulations on that! Now, the world awaits your words, so you MUST get back to it. Yes, life continues and you will have distractions but don’t stop now. You’re almost there, edit as much as you can and then get a professional editor to work with you. It’s important to keep going if you don’t want to lose the momentum you’ve built up until this point.

    Give yourself a reward system if you have to (no game/TV/drink) until 5000 words edited, or something of that nature….be tough on yourself. You CAN DO THIS! I KNOW YOU CAN!


    • Thank you, Eden. I’m glad to know that you have confidence in me 🙂 Good idea with the rewards thing xxx

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