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Originally posted on Lisa M. Gott:

As she stopped to catch her breath, she turned and looked back. Her golden curls bouncing down to her shoulder and then back up to tickle her jaw. Delicate giggles slipped through her thin pink lips. And her small hands held on to the elegant ruffles of her summer dress.

It was painful to hear her.

I pulled the hot cardboard mug to my mouth and closed my eyes as the velvety liquid slipped down my throat. Swimming in heavy sadness, I willed my eyes to swallow back the tears. Somehow they did. And I felt the weight of my worries drip down into the hollow hole that was my heart.

She was on the swings now, her porcelain legs pumping her higher and higher into the sky. And I wondered what it might be like to stand behind her. To touch her as I girl-on-swing-cloudspushed her back.

It was…

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