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Here is number 13 for you all to enjoy. I am seeing what I can get in 150 words 🙂


Flash Fiction #13 – Seraph

One thing you must know is that I am here by my own free will; not sent by a single supernatural being that a lot of humans worship. All they see is their own false idol to give them some kind of orderly reassurances about their own mortality. What they need to know is that constant warring is putting their world through such turmoil that it will correct itself, regardless of the cost.

They are obsessed with monetary gain and where does it lead? It leads to power and then results in such corruption that it is near impossible to overcome. Life has to revolve around money to such a degree that it is no life at all.

With much reluctance I must pick up my own weapon of clarity and show them what will happen to their own kind if they persist.

This is the hand of their judgement.


Don’t really know what to make of most of off-the-top-of-my-head flash fictions 😛



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