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Hello all.

I am embarking on a writing project for the benefit of an online gaming clan called “The Home Guard”. The series will be set in an alternate timeline of World War II whereby the Germans successfully invaded Britain. The names of the characters are the names used by the gamers so they’re not your stereotypical Tom, Dick and Harry! 🙂

Here is the prologue:


It is springtime in the year 1941. The success of the Axis air force in “The Battle of Britain” over the RAF paved the way for Hitler’s “Operation Sea Lion”. In September 1940 the German forces, having won air superiority over the English Channel, parachuted over 12,000 troops into southern England to gain a foothold. Coastal defences were either taken or destroyed, members of the Home Guard, Territorial Army and the regular army captured, killed or pushed back, and Winston Churchill died after a direct hit on the war rooms.

Following their initial invasion force, a compliment of 2,000 panzers and a further 25,000 troops were brought in across the channel to help further the triumph of the Nazi jack boot as it made its way up Britain, turning the green and pleasant lands into smoky, ruined acres of rubble cities and muddy, sodden ground.

The remaining commanders of the Armed Forces created the “Commonwealth Line”, which people nicknamed “The Stiff Upper Lip”, that was a proposed line of defence running from Bristol in the west, over to Great Yarmouth in the east. This barrier would be held by anyone and everyone – armed forces, volunteers, and even willing young men stepped forward. The Commonwealth Line was not a line of weapons, artillery and tactics – it was a line of hope, strength and freedom.

To any of the HG guys reading this – thank you for dropping by and I’ll keep you all posted!


Comments on: "The Home Guard Side Project" (10)

  1. Greetings
    looking good so far m8,and looking forward to more 😉

  2. Ollie | HG said:

    Nice one. Keep up the good works! 🙂

  3. Dumbass |HG said:

    Keep us posted, I’m looking forward to the real action! 🙂

  4. Dave said:

    Looking good Andy 🙂

  5. Mike said:

    Great work Andy, I really enjoy seeing the characters come to life. Keep going!

    Mike (aka Bill)

    • I’m glad you like the read, Mike. Thanks again for the whisky, mate 😉 Tomatin went quite quickly it was so nice. I’m gathering ideas on what to send you now ;-P

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