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Story number two of the mini series. Enjoy!


Part Two

My name is Martha Pellino.

Shit, shit, shit! This was not good; not at all. That bullet was meant for me, no one else but me. Thank God I was wearing trousers and not a skirt – it made running a lot easier. I know I’ve done bad things; a lot of bad things, but at the end of the day it’s business and nothing more. A few people get killed in the process. So what? There are seven billion people in the world… what are a few insignificant shit heads in the grand scheme of things? They were creeping into my turf half of them were, and the others just… well that’s another story I don’t have the time to think about at the bloody moment.

I was being shot at – a very real risk for a lady in my position of power and influence. I had these bodyguards for a reason, two of them, and they were being paid enough money to at least sacrifice themselves to save me. I was guided along by my most trusted guard: Daniel. He had put himself in front of the firing squad for me many times before; I felt safe, regardless of the dangers that were present around me. I gripped his forearm as I ducked through a doorway, the lights in the adjoining office flickering before shutting off completely. The darkness fell upon us just like death itself. The warping bass beat from the club had died also – I knew that this wasn’t just a lone shooter… they had an accomplice or two. I know how these things work – a single shooter tended to be just one man out for revenge, but more than one told me that there was some professionalism about this.

‘Where the fuck are you taking me?’ I snarled at Daniel, flinging my jacket from my body – this thing was warm.

Without the light I couldn’t see what he was looking at or what was about to happen. ‘Stay down, Martha,’ he said forcefully in that deep, Russian voice of his. There was something about Russian men that reassured me; God knows why. ‘We’ve got to get you to the back.’

I sighed heavily and glanced around, straining my eyes to see something at least in the black veil across my vision. ‘Who the fuck is after me now?’ I felt like a hunted animal in the wild, but I was outrunning the hunter at the moment.

Daniel grabbed my arm and hoisted me up to a run, guiding me through a side door that led into another room, which I took to be some sort of utility room. ‘There’s a small service door we can get through,’ he stated deeply. He grumbled something to my other bodyguard, Nico, who opened the door carefully, his handgun edging out.

I took a deep breath, anticipating a shot of some kind. Relieved, I jogged through the door as Nico told us both to move. There was a stairwell, as cold as the Arctic, that was pulsating with red emergency lights.  ‘Where to?’ I asked Daniel, trying to keep the calm in my voice.

Daniel looked up the stairwell and then down. ‘We need to go to the ground floor… and quickly.’

We started to make our way down, Nico taking point. It had only been a few steps before sub-machine-gun bullets ricocheted off the walls. I fell back onto the steps and scrabbled higher. My eyes grew wide with horror as Nico yelped, a series of bullets slamming into his leg with surprising force.

‘Daniel, take her upstairs… whoever this bastard is I’ll hold him off.’ He looked at me with those dark eyes of his, resolve resting within them. ‘Keep on living, Martha.’

I held his hand briefly before Daniel pulled me higher up the stairwell. ‘Thank you, Nico.’

I couldn’t believe it – I cried; even if it was only a couple of tears, I cried. Bullets rang out from the assailant’s machine gun, swiftly followed by Nico’s pistol booming back.

‘Shit, fuck… damn it!’ I cried angrily as Daniel lead the way. ‘Not now… not like this!’


Thanks for reading 🙂


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