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Installment number one of my mini-series. Enjoy


Part One

My codename is Pinpoint.

A chill in the night wind, whipping through a coarse neighbourhood in the lower suburbs, sent litter hurtling across the damp road like tumbleweeds. The area was always a buzz in the late hours of the night with its numerous clubs and restaurants, serving all sorts of clientèle from the humble businessman to the stinking rich Mafia boss. Looks were everything in this part of town – you were nobody unless you had money, looks or someone good looking on your arm. Tonight, however, it was all about one person and one person only.

This was it; the moment I had been waiting for all day. I watched the bitch through my scope as she walked into the private room at the back of the club, two hulking great bodyguards with her, bulges underneath their suit jackets where no doubt the sub-machine guns hung. There was nothing subtle about this woman whatsoever – she was audacity personified. Her name was Martha Pellino, head of the Mexican Mafia and an extremely dangerous and infamous lady. She made it a point to make big entrances into places like these, where all the simple, poorer-than-her people could see her in all her splendour. She was 53 but still very attractive with her well-kept ebony hair, lightly tanned skin, body hugging trouser suit and seductive gait. Regardless of what she looked like she was deadly. There were numerous murders on her hand, series of drug smugglings, embezzlements… and these were just a handful of things that her name was involved in. I had been tasked with putting a stop to it once and for all.

‘Just one last job,’ I said, reminding myself of the fact that I wouldn’t be back in this business again, even though I said that last time. A cold wind battered my face as I lay here on an adjacent rooftop. I hunched up tightly against my arm, my fingers stretching around the sniper rifle. Just one shot, that’s all. One shot, one kill, and then I’d be off and back home with the money for my services. I’d had enough training and experience back in the SAS before being dishonourably discharged by those stuck-up, red tape abiding morons in command.

I tapped my earpiece comm twice and waited for a return from the other end. A pause lifted my heart into my throat, drying it out like the Sahara. Where was he? A muffled tapping echoed into my ear. ‘Clear View, what’s your location?’ I ask quietly.

‘Adjacent room,’ he replied. ‘Got eyes in the target’s room; good scope of situation.’

‘I have contact.’ I rubbed the trigger of my gun.

‘Hold off until I give the word.’ Clear View switched off and I cursed harshly.

‘Oh come on she’s right there in my sights.’ I sighed and smacked the floor. It was cold up here on the roof, and rather wet on my belly.

About 10 minutes passed before I heard something again. ‘What’s the situation now?’ I asked.

‘Take the shot.’ That was all I needed to hear. Just this one bullet and it would all be over. For some reason my hands trembled as I readied the rifle – this took me back to the good old days in the force.

I squeezed the trigger and breathed out slowly. The silenced shot sounded in my ears.

Shit! What the hell?

I jumped up to a crouch and fired again. Again nothing. She had been alerted and was quickly being ushered to safety. I tapped my comm-link and didn’t wait for a reply.

‘Target missed. Glass was bulletproof. How did we not know about this?’

A frantic muffled reply of swear words and grunts rang into my ear. ‘We cannot let her leave.’

‘Relocating to second vantage point.’ Oh God this was not happening. So much for a simple job. Of all the incompetence. I raced along the rooftop, hopping over obstacles as I went. I felt my legs powering like never before, my chest banging violently, my head spinning like a merry-go-round. This is not what I needed!


Thanks for reading part one 🙂 Part two will be coming soon


Comments on: "Blog Mini Series Story #1" (7)

  1. Very nice. I am hooked already. When will part 2 be coming live? 🙂

  2. Well done, Andy – you’ve got a great start here — very different for you,

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