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A splendid first book by a splendid woman!

It is not too complex or too simple. Lisa Stull brilliantly fuses raw emotions through the power of her words to bring forth a cavalcade of deeper meanings and thoughts.

A Thirty-Something Girl is an easy read and, at the same time, a real treat to have on the bookshelf. You will find that this book is an effective page turner and is on par with those ‘unputdownable’ novels that so many accomplished authors have produced.

To say that this was a great book is an understatement – I smiled, laughed and cried, which just goes to show that there is something to Lisa’s words that words themselves cannot express!


Lisa Stull is a lovely friend of mine and I was ever-so grateful to receive a copy of her book through the post (Good old Fed-Ex!). If you wish to know more about Lisa you should check her out. These are just a few of the places you can find her lurking about:

Facebook Author Page:

Facebook Fellow Writers Group:

WordPress Websites: and



Everyone should get to know her 🙂


Comments on: "Review of ‘A Thirty-Something Girl’ by L.M.Stull" (5)

  1. L.M. Stull said:

    Thank you, honey! I’m so glad you enjoyed it :))

  2. Great review, Andy! Lisa is a writer we will all come to know as one of the best. Plus, she a great, pretty lady that supports so many others! I’m a big fan. I have Lisa’s book!

  3. Excellent review Andy – I agree with every word!

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