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Hello everybody.

An acquaintance of mine, a successful fiction author, recently managed to bag film rights for her book ‘The Galacteran Legacy: Galaxy Watch’. This is, without a doubt, a huge achievement for someone of her age.

I am ever so pleased for her and I wish her the very best of success with this project.

The IMDB page for the film goes a little something like this:

Never does Nicole Sky, ordinary Earth girl, dream that the golden pocket watch she discovers one hot summer day will change her life forever. But suddenly, Nicole finds herself on a hostile alien planet and in the midst of a war with the vicious and merciless Omenra. With the help of newfound friends, Lily of planet Lunara, Arli of Azimar, and Diu of the Airioth rebel faction, she tries to return to Earth-until Diu reveals the Omenras’ fatal plans. Gavaron, tyrant of the Omenra, has a new weapon with the power to obliterate worlds. His next target: a planet called Earth. All that can stop him is a legend.

Does that sound tantalising? It does to me!

Now, to all of you that do not know Michelle I highly recommend you go check her out!


Websites – and

Goodreads –

Wikipedia –

Keep it up Michelle! Cannot wait to see the film!


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