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Flash Fiction Number 10 for you all

Looking Through The Glass

As it was told, she smiled a smile that was angelic and somewhat endearing. Her very presence made the world slow down. Come here my love and show me who you are, what you are, and what you can be. We weren’t born to follow someone so wondrous… we were destined to. Creation was kind to you.

I was born to be your man, we were put here to lay down the red carpet for you. Who are you? We don’t know. What are you? We don’t know. Why do we feel this way? Because of you. You look at each and every one of us and laugh something sweet. I fall to my knees, we fall to our knees.

You held me when I was at my lowest, kissed my head when I was unwell, my lips when I was yearning, my eyes when I was sad. We connected to you… me more than most, my love. I want you to come back and sit on my lap, maybe have a drink and a joke. Maybe not.

I remember you now… we met years ago at a Greenpeace rally. Those were the days eh? I wouldn’t do anything like that again. I climbed that tree you were up and they thought I did it for the protest – no, I did it to be near you. It was that fateful first glance that hooked me until the end.

What happened? You left me, us. Where did it come from? Death with his inescapable hand. Damn him to all eternity. We all miss you. The maker of your demise was caught and went into hell with the rest of Satan’s minions. We cannot help what fate has in store for us, and now I must take the fall for the revenge I took in your name.

Forgive me…


Comments on: "Flash Fiction #10" (4)

  1. Dark, Andy.
    Nicely done,

  2. Excellent! So deep a love that you describe … it is so alluring.

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