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Birthday Wishes

Just a quick post to say happy 21st birthday to my lovely lady Tansa 🙂 Going to be a good year me thinks! Advanced over 10,000 words since Christmas so all is looking good


Where I Stand

So far 2012 has been run-of-the-mill since my Cornwall holiday. I have seen people suffer already and it’s only been two weeks so far! I’ve barely written at all so far, maybe managing a thousand or so words in total in the first couple of weeks of the new year. Maybe this is brain freeze because of the winter temperature or something a bit deeper – who knows?

As I sit here at my computer I am finding my mind awash with concern and self-doubt. I strongly suspect that my aversion to buckling down with my novel is due to my fear of failure. These things affect us in so many ways and we don’t even realise it. Where is the inspiration I once had?

And of course as many of you know, 2012 is the year of the supposed apocalypse… according to the Mayan calender. The interpretation puts it roughly December 21. This, coincidentally, is the birthday of two dear friends of mine so it’s more of a downer for them.

Back to the main point… In light of the so-called “end of the world” I am absolutely determined to get my novel polished and sent off way before then. I must stop putting things off. Fingers crossed!

Cornwall Trip Pictures

As you can see there is a lovely array of pictures of the places and a couple of amusing ones. The plate of food was my enormous dinner I had at the pub (an entire bloomer bread loaf filled with steak, mushrooms, onions and gravy that defeated me eventually) and a random sign that was just hilarious.

Thanks for looking 🙂