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Cornwall Trip

As some of you may know I am heading off to picturesque Cornwall for the New Year with my future in-laws and wife. As well as me giving you the low-down I will also be providing pictures for peoples’ perusal.

This is also a time for me, and many others, to reflect back on 2011 and what it has given me. In many ways I am glad to see the back of it but there are always bad points to things. Over the past 12 months I have connected with a lot of people over Twitter, Facebook and other mediums, such as blogs.

I have been extremely grateful to the people who have given me mounds of support and encouragement via my blog, Twitter and on Facebook. Apart from my wondrous fiancee Tansa (yes it’s a pretty name isn’t it?), a special thanks goes out to Eden Baylee who has shown phenomenal support on both my blog and Twitter (Not just because she sent me a Christmas food package full of homemade cookies :P). I am also thankful for meeting Junying Kirk who only lives up the road from me and is a very generous, supporting and insightful woman.

2012… here we come. See you all in the new year 🙂



Just a blog message to wish all of you a very merry time for the Christmas period. It is not about the gifts, the food, the alcohol… but about the family, friends and love.

Hope you all have a memorable time.

Love you all for following 🙂

Current Word Count

My current word count is now sitting just below 67,000 and it feels like I’m not even half way through. My initial aim was to have this novel done by my 25th but obviously things didn’t go that way… mainly due to Open University work.

But anyway things are going well in that sense in terms of ideas and portrayal of said ideas. The rhythm I used to have many years ago seems to be bleeding back into my writing life.

All smiles!