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Flash Fiction #7

Here is number 7. Recent events have resulted in me creating a very sombre flash…

Flash Fiction #7 – Finality

I stood there, absolutely helpless. All the time, every second I watched him slip into the darkness I kept asking myself: ‘why can I not solve everything for the people I care about?’ Why are we so powerless against it all? Nature? Time? Fate? Maybe it is fate… or maybe it isn’t, I’ll never know to be fair. Don’t think anybody will…

Although she was no relative of mine, I cared for her regardless. She was like the grandmother I never knew. How old is she? 94? 95? Whatever her age she’s had a good innings, a good run, a decent stab at life even though she was cooped up in a bed for the last four years or so. This isn’t fair.

I brush my hand over her face – it’s grown cold so fast. It must be horrid to be awake when it happens… to be aware that you’re going to die and shedding that tear at the end. She shed a tear. It’s still running down her face; making a little river in the deep creases of her leathery features. I wipe it away and kiss her forehead.

The single white rose at her bedside table, the one I brought her a few days ago, had wilted. How appropriate. The epitome of life summed up in a flower. Everything gets created, has its little span in the breadth of time, then it’s “Poof!”… gone forever.

The hardest part is watching it. Knowing that they don’t have long left but putting on a brave face nonetheless… or trying to anyway. My heart goes out to her family – the ones who loved her, and the ones she loved in return. Her cherished family. Her son, my close friend, has already run out in tears, yet I remain as if standing vigil against any bad spirits come to whisk this departed soul away to the wrong side of the afterlife.

Her soul is too strong to be wavered by temptation. They live on… but on another plane, and they watch us still.

Rest In Peace.


Comments on: "Flash Fiction #7" (4)

  1. Very emotionally intense, Andy. Well-written. Pulled me in as though I was standing right there with you. As it also says it was inspired by recent events, please allow me to extend my condolences to the family for there loss & also my belief that, like you, I know they live on–watching over us from a different plane of existence. Blessed Be.

    • Thank you Cari. Your words are sweet 🙂 The family’s recent loss was tragic (not my family by the way). I always live in hope of such an afterlife and a spiritual plane in which we will reside with the ones our soul loves the most 🙂

  2. Good thing I didn’t read this last week. Since that time, I’ve lost a dear friend, another friend’s mom passed away, and now the brother of a friend has passed away too.

    Death is inevitable, and though I don’t know what happens after it, I do hope for a pain-free place for the spirit to roam.

    Great piece, Andy,

    • Oh Eden *Hugs* I am so sorry to hear about your tragedy. It’s a bit of a grim and gloomy month this month to be honest xxx

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