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I recently made acquaintances with another American author. This time it was the delightful Sean T. Poindexter, an author at Crescent Moon Press Inc.

[Quoted from his Facebook fan page] Sean is an author of urban fantasy, paranormal mysteries, and horror. His first novel is being published by Crescent Moon Press, release date is TBA.

Sean began working on the first book in the series in November of 2008, while still working full time for the State of Missouri. Though Sean has been writing most of his life, he did not consider writing professionally until he was inspired to do so by a terrible vampire movie. During the film, Sean amused himself by imagining the vampires being attacked by a dragon. Sean has remarked that he often does this when bored or annoyed–though sometimes he uses Vikings, zombies, or Cthulu in place of dragons.

His literary influences include H.P. Lovecraft, Anne Rice, Charlaine Harris, and R.A. Salvatore, among others. In addition to writing, Sean enjoys watching and reading science fiction, fantasy, horror, and thrillers. He also plays Xbox and collects firearms. Sean’s background in sociology, criminology, and philosophy are heavy influences on his work, as well as his experience as an investigator (former) for the State of Missouri.

From my little interactions with him via Twitter and Facebook I find him to be a very interesting person with heaps of taste and know-how!

If you want to follow his tracks then here are his sites:



Facebook [Fan Page]


Here’s hoping he has many more followers to come ;-P


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