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Flash Fiction #3

Here is an attempt at a style of writing I have not done for many, many years!

Flash Fiction #3 – Sweeter Than Wine

His lips moistened, something sweet about the tender kiss that sent his mind wild with hidden realms of ecstasy. Tingling sensations shot through his spine with the intensity of a thousand suns, sending him to the highest clouds of heaven. Her luscious laugh was musical and as soft as cotton.

‘How did we end up like this?’ he asked, his hands slipping around her svelte waist.

Her big green eyes gazed up at him, locks of her amber hair falling around her petite features. Her smile warmed his soul, her resonating radiance permeating his skin with sincere adoration. ‘I don’t know where it’s all come from,’ she replied coquettishly.

He kissed her again. ‘These things happen,’ he breathed huskily.

Her body shivered in his embrace, the prospect of the inevitable mixing with her feelings of the giddiness rattling around her head. ‘Are you nervous?’

His dark brown eyes, as deep as wells, averted from her gaze with reluctant acknowledgement. ‘I have to leave, but only for a short while.’

‘But each moment without you is a moment I grow more and more sad. I miss you so much when you go away.’ She looked away then stepped back to look at him more intently. ‘I’m scared that you won’t come back this time.’

His stomach knotted, the realisation of the impact his actions were going to make. His mouth dried suddenly, despite his valiant attempts to roll the saliva around. ‘These past few weeks have been hell for us. I promise I’ll come back alive.’

She grabbed his forearm, clinging onto him like a child with a teddy bear. ‘If you come back dead then I won’t be a happy bunny.’ She attempted a smile.

He levelled his eyes to hers and kissed her tender lips longingly, maybe for the final time.

A single, solitary tear rolled down her cheek; a reflection of how lonely she already felt inside.

… it was the last time she saw him alive.


Comments on: "Flash Fiction #3" (8)

  1. Oh for god’s sake Andy…. nice way to spoil my weekend.

    Good job with the story.


  2. *sniffles* that was beautiful, and sweet, and so sad. Lovely job, Andy 🙂

  3. The Fiancee Woman said:

    Why does this sound remarkably like the little bit of fiction I’m writing ¬_¬ XD

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