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Flash Fiction #1

So here it is my first flash fiction. This will be completely off the top of my head as I’m new to this and not at home at the moment 😛

Flash Fiction #1 – The Mental Brink

As I sit here while something stirring within my my stomach. Is it anxiety? Is it anticipation? Anger? Whatever. Is this a sword in my hand? No you idiot it’s a damn pen. Why am I wearing a dressing gown? Why am I in such a small room? How did I get here? I was going to write something…

The door opens and a woman comes in. She is dressed in a light blue and white ensemble much like that of an NHS nurse or something like that. I think she’s very nice looking – red hair, slender, sweet-voiced. But something holds me back from saying something. What is this? It is driving me insane! What does she want from me?

She’s leaning down to talk to my face and I can’t help but glance down her top. Naughty naughty! What is she after? Whatever it is I am in no mood to help her. I’ll just admire the view.

‘Come along Allen it’s time for a walk. Maybe go see the birds if they’re here today,’ she says.

Birds? What is this girlie on about now? Who’d want to see birds on a day like this? What is the weather like?

‘Is it raining?’ I ask.

She shakes her head at me silently. She’s got nice eyes… lovely and green, much like the ocean. I suppose I should go and keep her happy after all this effort she’s made to come see me.

There we go outside into a nice luscious garden. Don’t think I’ve ever been here before. It’s pretty. Birds singing in the trees above, little critters shuffling about in the bushes. The girl has got her hand around my arm. She’s got a wonderfully soft touch to her grip. I have to steal a look at her and give her a smile to go with it. She smiles back – this makes me happy.

She’s gone now and I’m back in my little joke of a room, the pen back in my hand and poised over a blank piece of paper. I pause…

I can’t remember anything…


Flash Fictions

Hey everybody,

I have decided to do weekly flash fiction pieces on my blog. Hopefully this will start this Friday but we shall see 🙂