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This is an interview of a wonderful writer called Eden Baylee by one of my dearest tweeters and fellow writer, LM Stull. Enjoy!

Interview with Eden Baylee, Author of Fall into Winter It is my pleasure to introduce to you my dear friend, the lovely, the talented, the amazingly sweet, Eden Baylee.  A true supporter of her friends, she will forever have a special place in my heart.  Without further ado, please get to know this talented lady a little better . . . When did you first know you wanted to write a book? I was fifteen, and I’d just written a pseudo-erotic story for my English class.  I got an “A” on it, but my teacher t … Read More



Comments on: "LM Stull’s Interview with Eden Baylee, Author of Fall into Winter (via)" (6)

  1. Andy, you’re so lovely, thanks for adding this here. How are you feeling?


    • I am feeling on top of the world thank you Eden! 😀 I like to support anyone I can when it comes to writing 🙂

      How are you?


      • Aw, thank you for your support. I’m good – lots of writing, editing, reading – all the stuff I should be doing. The interviews are fun diversions. And you?

    • Lots of work – not enough writing or reading 😦 Really finding it difficult at the moment… but I will persevere! Assignment time for my Open University course too so timetable is hectic. Fingers crossed!

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