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Lunar Perigee

Last night (Saturday March 19) saw the arrival of the ‘Lunar Perigee’, or ‘Supermoon’. This is when the moon is at its closest to the planet Earth during its orbit (roughly once a month). Last night, however, saw the moon reaching the closest to our world since 1992. This caused some dramatic apocalypse talk which turned out to be (shock shock) false.

For a set of pictures and reports see here: (report) and here (pictures).

I was at work at the time but did manage to catch a glimpse of it out in the yard – very bright but no bigger than usual which was a bit of a let down but it was still beautiful.

This perigee is a major source of inspiration for novelists, poets, song writers, etc. of that I have no doubt. The moon has been linked with mankind’s superstition, beliefs, religions and the like throughout the entirety of its history, producing some scintillating stories and pieces of work down the line.

When I looked at the moon last night going past the massive park not far from me, I caught its gaze through the canopy of many deciduous trees and there it was – the reflective inspiration; the fertile moment that my mind kicked into action. Needless to say it was glorious.

For some interesting facts about the title of this phenomenon look here: (A bit long I know but the short link was a dud)

Hope you all enjoyed the spectacle 🙂




Comments on: "Lunar Perigee" (4)

  1. Spectacular spectacle I didn’t need my spectacles for. Thanks for sharing. Eden

  2. The One You Happen To Be Marrying. said:

    I saw it on the train back to Shittord. It was MAHOOSIVE (and red).

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