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Hello everyone,

I am taking a moment from my writing schedule to pose a question to all of you who read my blog: What improvements can be made to make my blog more interesting?

I know that my blog is to do with what I want to talk about, but I feel as if it is lacking something. Any thoughts? Such as:

  • Layout?
  • Appearance?
  • Type of Content?
  • Subject Matter?

If you take the time to comment and let me know then my thanks go to you 🙂


Comments on: "Improvements To My Blog?" (4)

  1. Caveat – not sure why my comment got sent before I actually sent it! use this one if you can, it’s the completed version. Eden

    This is my first visit to your blog. I like the layout and appearance – spare and minimalist, not too designy which is nice – no detraction from your writing.

    As for content/subject matter, I think it depends on personal taste. Part of being a writer is to invite others into your world and show a bit of who you are as a person, while introducing them to your writing at the same time.

    I think consistency is key. Blogging regularly (not necessarily frequently) on specific topics that you enjoy will give others insight into you. Of course, as you want to sell your books, providing some good blogs on writing is helpful too. There is an endless number of topics for this.

    • Hi Eden,

      Many thanks for your thoughts – I appreciate them! 🙂

      I’ve asked this question mainly because sometimes I feel as if my blog is a bit redundant from time to time. I like to please people so naturally I want to know what they want.

      On the other hand I do see your point about showing them my own little world 🙂


  2. Yes, there is no one more unique that who you really are. Trust that YOU are what people want to read. Thank you, by the way, for subscribing to my blog. Favor returned. Eden

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