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NB. The first part needs to be read! 🙂

This post is via an aspiring writer from France who is partaking in the ‘A Round of Words in 80 Day’ challenge:

I personally enjoy the ‘erotic simplicity of this piece’ (as I put it :-P). It has been a while since I have read a love scene as lengthy and in-depth as this (we’re talking years since I read one) so it is a refreshing read! 😀

Good flow and (dare I say it) rhythm in this piece makes for a good, uninterrupted section of reading. The rest of her writing as well as the progression of her work can be found on her blog site:

Follow her on Twitter:!/Marie_Wolf

Best of luck to you, Marie, in the RoW80 challenge! 🙂

It follows up from “Christmas Angel”. *Warning: explicit content. Suitable only for a mature audience.* Enjoy! 😉 (And leave a comment, constructive criticisms are always welcome!) He pulled her to him, instinctively, and they kissed again, more sensuously. In any other situation he would have thought twice about it, but not this time. He felt a yearning for her he had never felt before. By the way her hands were clenching on his jumper, he gues … Read More

via Marie Wolf’s Writings


Comments on: "Angel and Taylor (part 2) (via Marie Wolf’s Writings)" (2)

  1. Oh. My. God. Another writer speaks of my work.
    I am about to squeal but it’s too early and I would wake the house up. I’ll wait…
    Thank you!

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