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In an effort to post more I thought it best to talk about other creative people other than myself (there is only so much I can post about my writing, how I’m getting on, etc.) so here’s hoping I can blog more! 😛

I recently started talking, via Twitter, to a beautifully talented young poet by the name of Jessica Kristie. She is having her poetry compilation released this month! Exciting stuff! I am looking forward to having a read of it myself!

Her tweets have simply given me a taster of how intricate her poetic talents are and I have been intrigued to see her work.

So anyway here is a trailer for her upcoming book entitled ‘Dreaming in Darkness’

Hope you enjoyed that because I know I certainly did!

If you want to know more about her then follow her on Twitter:!/jesskristie, or on her website:

Here’s wishing you all the best luck in the world Jessica!


Comments on: "Dreaming in Darkness Book Trailer – Jessica Kristie" (2)

  1. I appreciate you featuring me and my book trailer! I was super happy with how it turned out and am grateful you are sharing it. 🙂

    • I couldn’t ignore such a thriving talent such as your Jessica 🙂 I am dazzled by your use of words and strong imagery – it’s astounding stuff!

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