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Again again again! Another ‘wikihow’ page but this time it is about poetry.

As I’m sure some of you know – I am in the middle of a Creative Writing course with the Open University here in the UK. For my third assignment (due in in 4 days and I haven’t even started it yet!) I am to write one or more poems, totalling 40 lines, about a given subject (or choose one of my own) and then do a commentary at the end totalling 500 words. Simple enough? No.

After reading the accompanying resource material – – which was given to me by the uni, I am still in a state of major reluctance.

I am used to doing poetry off the top of my head and for fun, but since reading and studying it out of the book I feel as if the fun I once felt has been sucked away like a vampire bat does with blood. Therefore I have been browsing around and found numerous websites to take information from – and then I thought why not share it! – this also comes with a nice little video with interviews of actual poets so enjoy this one too 🙂


Comments on: "How To Write Poetry" (2)

  1. samanthai said:

    Wow…. I mean… WOW! I can’t believe that wikihow bull shit…. I do believe I vurped a little…. ok, first question, can you not use something live written before and “pretend” its new? I would 🙂

    • Heya 🙂

      The wikihow page was something I didn’t properly read through first time so it wasn’t until after that I had to think twice about it. At least it has ‘some’ usefulness.

      I have managed to come up with a pre-edited poem of sorts that is 40 lines long.

      I was thinking of posting it up to be honest 😛

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