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I wrote this a while ago and forgot to post it up, but it is better late than never…

‘Mark Charan Newton builds upon the success of his first book and gives us a much more in-depth perspective of characters and settings alike. He mixes suspenseful action with an intricately thought out cast of characters giving the reader a real connection with each and every one of them and allowing empathic feelings to enhance the reading experience.

This gripping tale about the defence of Villiren against the invading Okun and red-skinned Rumel armies will have everyone on the edge of their seats, their brains humming with complex images, and their desire for more of the story will grow with each turn of the page.

The main characters are expertly built upon from Nights of Villjamur and the transition is so smooth you will feel as if you never stopped reading when you open up City of Ruin.

The atmosphere is incredibly immense and immersive giving no end to imaginative stimulation and creative influences.

Mark Charan Newton is the pinnacle of new-age fantasy writing; with his combination of setting, storyline and characters teasing our pallets, pulling the strings of our imagination, and twisting plot lines when we least expect it.

City of Ruin is a fantastic advancement to Nights of Villjamur and this reviewer is sure that the third installment will be even more mind-blowing.’


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