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My Assignment Poem (Bullying)

Now before I start I would to convey the fact that I hate this poem with an absolute passion and feel that it is not good enough on any technical standard so please don’t pick at it too much. I do want constructive criticism šŸ™‚

So anyway… here goes:

A Poem About Bullying

Here I sit all sad and alone,

Nobody else here to see

How much pain this is causing me

And how my imperfections are being boldly shown.


Why do they do this?


Walking through the gravel grounds

Listening to troubling taunts, insults and jokes

Like thousands of painful sword-like pokes.

I am getting tired of all these sour sounds.


Why must they do this?


On the stool in biology class

With my face in my hands; tears in my heavy head.

How long will it be before I see red?

Their words are so coarse and crass.


What makes them do this?


The corridor is the tedious tunnel of hate,

With little gremlins gnashing their teeth

And pointing me out much to my grief.

Their malicious mouths send me off to my fate.


How would they like it if it was them?


So here it is between Maths and English

That I finally throw down my bulky bag

And deal out the punches, blood making him gag,

Seeing him off to the finish.


How did he like that?


They leave me alone if just for a week

After I lash out with fists like flails.

They scatter away; between their legs are their tails

Looking positively pathetic and rather meek.


Should I be enjoying this?


My red-stained path of awkward anger and retaliation,

Hurting an innocent has now caused me terrible trouble

And has burst my ticking time bomb bubble.

Now I am looking for some retribution.


How could I have done this?


And so it is here ā€“ the delightful day I finally leave,

Looking to the future and my hopes and dreams

Which were once downtrodden and ripping at the seams,

But the first fateful thing I must do is grieve.


What have they done to me?


There it is. I hate it but I suppose most people would hate their own work if they aren’t entirely happy with it…


How To Write Poetry

Again again again! Another ‘wikihow’ page but this time it is about poetry.

As I’m sure some of you know – I am in the middle of a Creative Writing course with the Open University here in the UK. For my third assignment (due in in 4 days and I haven’t even started it yet!) I am to write one or more poems, totalling 40 lines, about a given subject (or choose one of my own) and then do a commentary at the end totalling 500 words. Simple enough? No.

After reading the accompanying resource material –Ā – which was given to me by the uni, I am still in a state of major reluctance.

I am used to doing poetry off the top of my head and for fun, but since reading and studying it out of the book I feel as if the fun I once felt has been sucked away like a vampire bat does with blood. Therefore I have been browsing around and found numerous websites to take information from – and then I thought why not share it! – this also comes with a nice little video with interviews of actual poets so enjoy this one too šŸ™‚

How To Write A Novel

Traipsing through the internet, as I do, I came across this little page on ‘wikihow’ about how to write a novel. It is accompanied by a charming little video to get the point across – and no, I didn’t know that little fact about writing novels on mobile phones (You’ll see at the end of the video)

Enjoy šŸ™‚

Review of Paul Hoffman’s ‘Left Hand of God’

Here is the review of the debut novel of Paul Hoffman:

‘Hoffman’s use of language, pace and vision hooks you right from the start and keeps you turning the pages wanting more and more. He has a set of interesting characters who interact with one another so convincingly that you are completely in their world with them.

The book follows the path of Thomas Cale – a teenage boy who, along with his friends Kleist and Henri, escape from a sanctuary, where they have been brought up to abide by a set of religiously fueled rules, and take refuge in the city of Memphis. The three of them were trained in various specialist techniques, along with the thousands of other boys, which were to be used for war. But Cale is different – he will change the course of history.

Hoffman grips us with well-paced fight scenes, in-depth romances, and a style of drama that is tantalising and suspenseful. A great final battle rounds off the book along with a cliffhanger ending. This book will certainly make you want to read the next in the series and hopefully further on!’

Re-arranging and Change

As of tomorrow (Valentine’s Day – also my brother’s birthday… the big 30 for him) I will have an extra contract at work doing an extra 20 hours per week as well as my current 12 hour one. This does not bode well for my schedule of writing and reading so I will have to re-arrange it and print off an entirely revised version.

Yes indeed – I have a printed schedule with each day of the week on it. I don’t know if it sounds a bit weird to some people (maybe, maybe not) but it is one way to ensure that I stick to things.

Today will be spent re-thinking this schedule around the new set of hours at work as well as taking into account seeing theĀ fiancĆ©eĀ at the end of a week.

Here’s hoping that it all works out! šŸ™‚

The Writer’s Best Friend(s)

Apart from the obvious friends – brain and inspiration and ability – there are many things that are, to me, always needed.

For your enjoyment I shall put it in list form šŸ˜›

  • Notepad/notebook and pen/pencil – another obvious one!
  • Your chosen reading material nearby (novel (fiction/non-fiction), textbook, etc.)
  • Shoulder bag to carry around writing materials
  • Some form of access to some of the things that inspire you
  • Computer with internet connection
  • Thesaurus – this one is particularly invaluable to me:Ā
  • Oxford Dictionary – another key one:Ā
  • Passion
  • Patience

Things like all those listed above are always with me or nearby where I can get them.

Do any of you have something to add to the list that helps you along the creative pathway? I would like to know šŸ™‚

Review of Mark Charan Newton’s ‘City of Ruin’

I wrote this a while ago and forgot to post it up, but it is better late than never…

‘Mark Charan Newton builds upon the success of his first book and gives us a much more in-depth perspective of characters and settings alike. He mixes suspenseful action with an intricately thought out cast of characters giving the reader a real connection with each and every one of them and allowing empathic feelings to enhance the reading experience.

This gripping tale about the defence of VillirenĀ against the invading Okun and red-skinned Rumel armies will have everyone on the edge of their seats, their brains humming with complex images, and their desire for more of the story will grow with each turn of the page.

The main characters are expertly built upon from Nights of Villjamur and the transition is so smooth you will feel as if you never stopped reading when you open up City of Ruin.

The atmosphere is incredibly immense and immersive giving no end to imaginative stimulation and creative influences.

Mark Charan Newton is theĀ pinnacleĀ of new-age fantasy writing; with his combination of setting,Ā storylineĀ and characters teasing ourĀ pallets, pulling the strings of our imagination, and twistingĀ plot linesĀ when we least expect it.

City of Ruin is a fantastic advancement to Nights of Villjamur and this reviewer is sure that the thirdĀ installmentĀ will be even more mind-blowing.’