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The absence of a blog post for a while has been bugging me, but then I was sitting around listening to my wide array of music and thought about the influences that music has had, for me, on the writing process.

This may not be the same for everyone so I will just talk about my own experiences here…

I have found that every so often a piece of music, whatever genre, has a profound effect on my mind – my imagination starts to concoct images and scenes to fit the song/tune that I’m listening to. Many songs from a diverse number of artists have just implanted themselves into my creative brain and mixed with my furtive imagination to produce some incredible mental images and scenes.

I have found that a lot of songs have spawned a great variety of battle scenes that I have incorporated into my work, both online (written fantasy role-play forum) and offline.

Examples of such artists are:

These are just a few. I have found these artists, above, invaluable in the creative process. Whenever I get stuck on how to play something out I usually try and find a song or tune that I feel would fit into the scene I am on. I therefore listen to it intently and allow my mind to create – this is a major part of me and my writing and I will continue with it whenever I am stumped.


Comments on: "Influences of Music in Writing" (2)

  1. Oh, yeah… I have specific “soundtracks” for the books (and sometimes the stories) that I write. During a long-building battle scene in my SEVEN PRINCES novel, I found that Judas Priest’s NOSTRADAMUS was just the mood I was looking for. Other artists/albums I listened to on the SEVEN PRINCES “playlist” were:

    – The Sword (“Age of Winters”)
    – Conan the Barbarian (Basil Poledorus’ brilliant movie soundtrack)
    – Monster Magnet (“Superjudge”)
    – Lightwave (“Mundus Subterraneous”)
    – 300 (Tyler Bates’ terrific soundtrack)
    – Planet of the Apes – original soundtrack (Jerry Goldsmith did some of the best soundtracks in history)
    – Tool (any album)

    Sometimes I even create a special playlist for certain CHARACTERS to put me in the mindset of their point-of-view.

    In general, I almost always have some kind of music on when I write…but it has to the right kind of music. Thus living in the age of Playlists is a gift….

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      I too create playlists of songs for novels sometimes and I always find a song to suit a character – it helps a lot for me as well 🙂

      The right kind of music is essential… just having any old music on in the background can be a distraction

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