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As someone who is a devil for procrastination I looked up a few things on various websites about dealing with this very common problem. I have focused on this one particular website called:

**EDIT** I forgot to put in this line – This web page is aimed at IT projects but it can be easily moulded into the writing processes we writers perform 🙂

The sections include:

  • The Procrastination Problem
  • So, What Makes Us Procrastinate?
  • The Cost of Procrastination
  • What’s On Your “Put It Off List”?
  • How To Overcome Procrastination

The final section about how to overcome the problem is divided into multiple steps:

  • Step One: Visualize the End from the Beginning
  • Step Two: Count the Cost
  • Step Three: Brainstorm
  • Step Four: Make a Public Commitment
  • Step Five: Gather Material
  • Step Six: Break it down ? Do it One Step at a Time
  • Step Seven: Sweat It Out For Ten Minutes
  • Step Eight: Set the Bar Low

These interesting steps/methods are rounded off with a ‘Final Thoughts’ message from the author of the post. A nice little ‘Best Wishes and all the Success’ kind of thing.

I hope you find something useful from this and the best of luck to you 🙂


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