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This is a key area for any writer. A lot of ‘how-to’ books have something in common – they focus on having a writing schedule. This is a major basis for creating an habitual routine for sitting down and hacking out whatever is brimming in your mind. Of course you may be working well without one – it isn’t mandatory but it is a great help when it boils down to it!

It does not have to specify a certain time window to write in… it could specify a certain number of words you should aim to write per day, per week, etc. Or you could have it telling you to write for 1 or 2 hours a day no matter where you slot it in. It is entirely up to you of course.

If, like me, there are concentration and discipline issues at hand then a schedule is almost like a bible! If you do not have the urges or the inspiration to write you might feel like ‘oh I can’t be bothered. I can’t think of anything’. This is a bad occurrence but a nonetheless common one amongst writers. I’m sure many of us have moments like that and it is imperative that we find out how to overcome it so that it doesn’t happen as often. A schedule is a number 1 step to tackling this.

It does not, however, just apply to writing – it can apply to anything! When it comes to sources of inspiration then this is, as I have written before in my ‘about the author’ section, a personal thing (in my opinion anyway) as it is unique to you. What gets your mind going could be anything, such as music, films, books, your surroundings, going for a walk and observing people and places, the news, an activity, etc. Whatever works for you is best for you.

And you can surely incorporate these things into your schedule if you so wish. Free up a slot or specify a certain amount of time to perhaps go walking or to read. If, like me, you are balancing a job, a relationship and an optional (or compulsory) education then a schedule will be like a lifesaver when it comes to the crunch. Post it up on your noticeboard next to your work area, pin it to the wall, print it out in large print to make it more noticeable, maybe even highlight it with bright colours.

I will now refer you to a site which I had a good look at. I think it is a very good source for planning out a schedule. It is all in one block of writing so try not to be put off – copy and paste it into a word processor and paragraph it… that is what I did! ‘Six Steps To A Writing Schedule’ by Megan Crewe –


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