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After having a browse through the writing blog of one ‘Nick Daws’, I came across an interesting post about something called ‘The Creative Writing Deck’. It is a set of 52 cards used during creative writing or visual art. Originally designed as an iphone and ipad app by Damon Jones and John Molloy of inSignificant Productions, the deck has now been turned into something physical.

As you can see from the video the cards are of an old fashioned design and are intended to overcome writer’s block and stimulate creativity. Even though the messages on the cards look a little vague at first, there is a booklet that comes with the deck that explains each card and its meaning. They are on sale for £16.95 with free postage up until December 31, 2010. You may not think that they are cheap but to be fair they are hand finished and only a limited number of decks have been made. To purchase them then follow this link –

The maker also has a blog at – – on which he is offering a copy of his ebook ‘Let’s Write A Story’ and a free copy of his hypnosis session entitled ‘Amplify Your Creativity’ if you start a new subscription… pretty good!

I might invest in some of these in the new year as they seem well worth a go.


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