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There is a video to go along with this article from the Telegraph but I will not embed it in here as it is very graphic and upsetting – it made me cry for ages afterwards. If you want to view it then do so at your own risk as it depicts a starving polar bear mother and her two cubs. They all died within 2 days of filming. The film also shows one of the bear cubs having seizures due to the immense malnutrition. View if you want to see the harsh truth of what is happening –

“Kassie Siegel, director of US research group Center for Biological Diversity, said the bears are dying as a result of climate change.

“Although it’s difficult to watch, this video is an important document of the terrible cost of climate change denial and inaction,” she said. “Global warming isn’t a crisis that’s decades away. It’s here now. The sad truth is that polar bears are already starving as global warming melts the Arctic.””

This is an extremely sad and worrying set of events. They are some of the first animals to feel the effects of global warming and already some are drowning, starving and resorting to cannibalism. The bear population of western Hudson Bay are in serious peril as the sea freeze that allows them to go hunting is not happening as long as it once did. This is resulting in many bears not having enough food to eat and therefore results in a lack of sufficient stored fat and energy, which is what keeps them going until the next hunting window.

“The western Hudson Bay polar bear population declined 22 percent between 1987 and 2004.

More than 190 countries are gathered in the luxury resort to try and reach a global deal to keep temperature rise below 2C.

Ms Siegel said more polar bears will suffer unless a deal is reached.

“In November I was in the area where this video was shot, and it was clear polar bears were having a very hard time,” she said. “The loss of sea ice has tragic consequences for them. It’s going to get far worse if world leaders don’t address this unprecedented global crisis effectively, making deep cuts in greenhouse pollution.””

This is, without a doubt, a dire warning for humanity to buck up their ideas when it comes to carbon footprints and global temperatures. Yet another species is endangered. We need to act… and fast!

There is a petition to get polar bears added to the ‘endangered’ list of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) rather than just ‘threatened’. If you want to contribute then it will only take a minute to fill out your details and send off the pre-written letter.


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