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This is a review of a very good book I read not so long ago by the author Mark Charan Newton –

“Mark Charan Newton’s first ‘Legends of The Red Sun’ book offers a greatly immense new world for the reader to explore. Set in a world where a new ice-age is looming and people are desperately striving to survive the cold.

The array of races in the book brings a new life to fantasy writing as we know it and creates that extra air of interest for the reader. Charan Newton delves deeply into each of his characters, bringing them to life in a whole different light. The reader gets to feel as if they are in the world themselves, connect with the characters and experience what they experience in the story. The pivotal characters come to life and keep the reader immersed from start to finish!

The novel thrives with a mixed cauldron of story lines, from political subterfuge to unseen romance. The book picks up pace as it goes along and unwraps the plot in an ever quickening movement that is unstoppable right up to the last page.

An all-round superb read and is a definite ‘must read’ for any fantasy lover.. Mark Charan Newton’s grasp of words, imagination and character depth will always leave the reader salivating and wanting more!”

I was very pleased to meet Mark back in November 2010, at the alt. fiction event in Derby, where I purchased his second book ‘City of Ruin’. His work is definitely worth reading!


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